Friday, April 18, 2014

The Story about Ping.. and our two ducklings

How many books can we find to borrow from the library about ducks? Nine, it turns out. Yep. Nine books about ducks. We've been pretty duck-crazy around here since my DH and A3 brought home two little ducklings while I was off at my first homeschool convention last month. 

The Story About Ping is a classic tale (and a Five in a Row book, but we are still using Before Five in a Row with A3 so I haven't bought that guide yet). Taking place on the Yangzte River, this is the first children's book (I think) my preschooler has read about China, so of course we went to our world map to locate China. Every new place he learns about he compares to Russia, the country we studied back in February during the Winter Olympics, in both size and distance from home ("China is far away like Russia is far away.")

It's easy to find loads of books about any topic by using the library's web catalog or asking a librarian for help.

Of all the supplementary books we added to The Story About Ping (affiliate link), Wiggle Waggle was his favorite. He is at the "pre-reading" stage so he enjoys pretending to read this one on his own. 

How do ducks walk? Wiggle, waggle, wiggle, waggle, wiggle, waggle.

Turns out, though... Ducks do eat plants after all! Hopefully this little cucumber plant will recover. Now it's time to install some more fence! 

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