Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How do you do All About Spelling?

When I first considered using All About Spelling, I looked at approximately 3,258 blogs to see how other families stored and used the letter tiles that are a big component of the spelling program. So many great ideas are out there! Many moms use 2' by 3' marker boards (link to AAS tips about marker boards), either permanently or temporarily on their walls. Others use sheet metal with a decorative frame, or even an oil drip pan.

These are all wonderful ways to use the letter tiles, but right now I just didn't want to buy any new stuff to put on the walls.

So, I just used my fridge. 

The letter tiles are obviously magnetic, so this works well. 

But, you're probably wondering how we write on my black fridge. 

Being able to practice words with a dry erase marker isn't mandatory for the AAS program, but it is helpful. I have two solutions! 

The magnetic sentence strips I bought from Rainbow Resources, but a similar product is available on Amazon. 

The neon dry erase markers were purchased from Amazon. Little A4 uses these same bright, chubby markers to color and practice writing letters on the lower part of the fridge. 

If you're wondering what letter tiles are, please visit the All About Spelling site. They'll explain he The letter tiles are a key component of the Interactive Spelling Kit.

How have you set up your All About Spelling letter tiles? Please share your link below!

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