Thursday, January 30, 2014

Why I love Legoland Florida, even more than Disney

No offense to "the happiest place on earth," but Legoland Florida is at the top of my Florida attractions list. 

Here's why:

The theme park is extremely homeschool-friendly. If you attend on a special homeschool day, tickets are only $8 per child and $25 per adult chaperone. If you have a large family or another homeschool family to join you, call them about special school group pricing for groups of 15 or more (the same or better than the homeschool day admission rates). The best pricing for children on their website is $62 and adult tickets are $69, so this savings is significant! It's worth taking the time to explore their website and make advance reservations (required for homeschool rates). 

Finding your spot

So you just pulled your child out of traditional school?

After you have decided that homeschooling is right for your family and met all your state's legal requirements, I suggest a different first step than most. Many will suggest starting by choosing a curriculum, and I say... that can wait a minute.


Am I out of my mind?

Maybe, but try to stick with me...

If your children have already been in a traditional school setting, you'll need some time for them to decompress and for you to figure out your child's learning style. Wait to spend the money and countless hours researching curriculum. 

First step: find your spot.

Create a weekly routine around a museum your child enjoys (get a family membership!). There's probably a zoo, science center, or art museum in your area. There's the library. A park. A cozy coffee shop where you can read. There are lots of possibilities and spots to try on!

Maybe this will be your permanent spot, but it could change with the season or your interests, and that is okay.


Welcome to my blog

The term "homeschool" doesn't exactly apply to our family's school, because we don't spend all our time at the kitchen table. 
We're out and about, visiting our local library, parks, museums and traveling around this great country in our van... soaking up as much information and enjoying "school" experiences as we go.  
Doing "homeschool" both at home and on the road is what we like best. How about you? Please join in the conversation below in the comments section. 
My hope for this blog is that I can share our experiences and "meet" other not-always-at-home-schoolers. 
Thanks for stopping by!