Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How to involve Dad in your homeschool

A few months ago we discovered that history was the easiest subject for my husband to get involved with our homeschool, and we figured out the best tool to help him!

When planning for this school year, I figured that the most natural subject for him to do with C16 would be government. He enjoys learning about the topic, and knowledge about governments near and far, old and new will of course aid in understanding of current events. He and C16 already "talked politics," so I was so sure my plan was a good one! All he would have to do is skim the weekly Government Studies reading assignments that Tapestry of Grace assigns for C16, read the teacher's notes then hold a discussion. Sounds easy, right? Well, doing this regularly didn't work with my husband's irregular schedule, and he finds little time to sit down and read. 

The good news is, homeschooling is adaptable! My plan fizzled, then something even better took its place.

History is just as fascinating a subject, maybe even more so, and there are TONS of audio books available on just about any historical figure, event or time period. It turns our that my husband is a vampire for audio books, and with all the hours he logs behind the wheel, he's able to breeze through even very long books like John Adams each week. Our library (yay for the library!) has an extensive selection, and we just keep them coming! I love hearing about what he's "reading" and our family discussions are much richer with his input and interest. Have you tried audio books or another way to involve your husband in homeschooling history?

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