Thursday, April 10, 2014

100th day of 2014: April 10

It's the 100th day of 2014 and we're taking an hour away from our normal activities to celebrate. I modeled this after "100th day of school" festivities I have seen online. Do you remember doing 100th day activities as a kid? I don't, but why not try it? 

First up, for A3, a hundred pieces of cereal on a string.

He focused for a long time and did his very best laying out 100 pieces on the chart then stringing them.

"Look how big it is" he kept saying. 

A very long necklace, indeed, was devoured in no time.

One hundred is now the biggest number he knows, as usually we only use 0-20. I didn't worry about him being able to count all the way to 100; instead I just wanted to demonstrate how big a number it is. 

He filled up a chart with 100 stickers, using a die from big brothers' Dicecapades game. Every time the dice would land on "4" he would add 4 stickers to the chart, and so on. 

This took a while, so I removed the sticky part between the stickers (what do I call that?) to move things along and he stopped for a long break before completing the activity. It's taped to the window now so he can show Daddy later. 

Speaking of Daddy, we made him a present: a bag of 100 M&M's. I asked A3 to mark on the bag how full it might be with 100 little candies inside, which he used a bunny sticker for. 

He over shot it quite a lot, but that's okay! 

He decided to play with the rest of the chocolate candy before we all ate it. He loves patterning, as we have been practicing using Count on Math

N16 pulled out his old Math-U-See blocks and helped A3 cover a hundreds block with smaller manipulatives. 

Almost done! 

I pulled out my trusty Expo fluorescent markers to write fill-in-the-blank sentences on my homeschool marker board, the fridge. 

The boys crossed out "eat" on the sentence "Mom can eat 100 ____" and replaced it with "drink" then added "coffees." I don't think I could consume 100 cups of coffee, but today I really did have three! 

A3 filled in "If I had $100, I would buy ____" with "boogers." Yep, boogers. Nice. 

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