Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Our trip to Sochi, I mean, Atlanta

Going to Sochi wasn't a possibility for us, and honestly not something I want to tackle with a newborn and a 3-year-old! However, we did visit a past Olympics host City: Atlanta, Georgia.

If you want a taste of the Olympics beyond keeping your television set to NBC, I have several ideas to share!

In 1996, Atlanta hosted the summer games, and there are two excellent Olympics attractions remaining: Centennial Olympic Park and the Atlanta History Center's Centennial Olympics Games Museum.

Play hide and seek at the park, and if the weather is warm (it wasn't when we visited) frolic in the five rings foundation and ride the SkyView Atlanta to see the park from above...

Race your brothers on the track inside Atlanta History Center...

And try to knock your brother off the stand so you can pretend to receive a gold medal, and him a bronze...

What are you doing to celebrate Team USA and learn about the Olympics?

More to come... including our Faberge Egg activities, Olympic flag art (some edible!) ideas, Southern Hodgepodge Chalk Pastels creations and world geography sticker book.


Atlanta History Center - Centennial Olympic Games Museum

Centennial Olympic Park

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