Friday, July 29, 2016

Summer Reading

The kids are tracking as many reading minutes as possible for our library's summer reading program. It's awfully hot outside this month, so we're going outside in the morning and evenings. The middle of the day is for playing with wooden trains, painting, and snuggling on the couch for read alouds. Here are some books we are enjoying this week:

You are a Lion And Other Fun Yoga Poses

R2 loves to act out books as we read, and that's encouraged with this beautifully-illustrated book. Easy yoga poses are compared to animals, and I enjoyed participating with the boys as I read aloud. 

Henri's Scissors

This was on my list of books to borrow from the library, but I don't remember where the recommendation came from! The story of Henri Matisse is one I didn't know, and now we are eager to learn more about him. Warning: have scissors and construction paper ready. Kids are sure to be inspired to create their own art after reading this story book. 

Press Here

This one never gets old! This is my new favorite book to give to little kids for their birthday. 

100 Cupboards

The big boys, C18 and N18, are listening to this audiobook and already ordered the next in the series. 
Weekly Wrap-Up


  1. My kids have ordered their books for the summer. I still can't get my youngest son to read for enjoyment. I'm working on it with him though.

    1. Hi Nita! Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. Have you listened to the Read Aloud Revival podcast or seen their book list? It's got some terrific tips!

  2. I've heard of some of these but not all. That first one looks like something my kids would like because we do a bit of yoga around here, too. :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. I love your blog! We loved that yoga book. It was our first time doing yoga with the kids.


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