Thursday, May 22, 2014

C16's 9th grade curriculum 2013-2014

Wrapping up our fourth year of homeschooling, I finally feel ready to share our homeschool curriculum choices and my position on different topics. I didn't want to lead anyone astray before! The truth is that every family is different and the beauty of homeschooling is that we don't all have to agree on the same curriculum, schedules, etc.

C16 has worked hard to get on track to complete high school in 3 more years and begin university studies. For example. In 2010-2011 he completed Gamma, Delta and Epsilon levels of Math-U-See. 

Science - Elemental Science: Biology for the Logic Stage He will take the final test of this 36-week biology program tomorrow. Though it is written for the 6th grade, the author shares ways to make it work for younger and older grades. I beefed up this program to make sure he can earn a high school credit for Biology. 

History, Geography, Literature - Tapestry of Grace We're starting week 22 of Year 2 on Monday. We're a little "off" a normal schedule because I found out about Tapestry of Grace during the middle of a school year and switched. We continued through the summer and will begin Year 3 in late-September. He does the Dialectic assignments and will move to Rhetoric in Year 3. There are so many reasons why I enjoy TOG and would recommend it highly, but I'll just share one feature here: it's so easy to adjust a child's level and workload within the program. You buy the curriculum per 9-week-long or year-long unit, and all four levels (Lower Grammar K-3, Upper Grammar 3-6, Dialectic 6-9 and Rhetoric 9-12) are included. This year he is completing each Government (at the Rhetoric level) and Fine Art. Next year I will probably add in the Writing assignments, or perhaps start incorporating IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing). 

Math - He is currently on Lesson 24 of Math-U-See Algebra and, while higher level maths are a challenge for him, he only wants to use this program. Steve Demme is a great teacher! He watches the video for a lesson then we both use the teacher guide book when he has questions. 

Writing - This one was our biggest struggle, but each month is easier than the last. He is working through Voyages in English (I bought the program used from a friend) and completes loads of writing assignments for other subjects, like Tapestry of Grace and Biology.


Spelling - All About Spelling - Level 2
I'm so glad we went back to the beginning with this subject! He has breezed through many lessons in just a day each, but some have taken three days. I can see his confidence in spelling (and writing) increase every day. Click here to watch a video explaining All About Spelling, especially if you have a student struggling in this subject (affiliate link). 

SAT prep - SAT vocabulary flash cards
This is a small task for him each week, studying some SAT vocabulary words. I'll figure out a more rigorous prep plan for him after he takes the PSAT in October. 

Foreign Language - Spanish app for iPad
He won't officially begin studying Spanish until next school year, but he completes about 15 minutes of a Spanish iPad game aimed at an elementary school level about twice a week. 

The rest of his school day is spent exploring extra-curricular activities and practical living skills. He devours novels and comic books, sketches, learns how to cook some of his favorite foods, goes fishing and works in the garden. He is involved in a few clubs and volunteer activities as well. 

Each week he also chooses a Big Brother Activity to do with A3 (usually baking scones or cookies, or a messy science activity) and a chore to do with A3, like a yard work task or vacuuming the sofas with A3's little Dirt Devil.

Soon I'll share what I do with A3 for preschool. Stay tuned! Click here to see N16's program. 

Have you used any of these programs? Do you have a child preparing for college?

I'm including this post on the Weekly Wrap up with because we're wrapping up many school subjects this week for the year... 

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  1. We love Tapestry of Grace in my house! I agree with you that it's easy adapt to children's needs and preferences. It's a curriculum that has reduced my work load while increasing the quality of our homeschool. :-)


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